According to a study, the number of worldwide online shoppers is expected to reach 2.77 billion by the year 2025. Businesses in different sectors aiming to claim a share of this vast market must meet the expectations of today’s users in total. Optimizing the online payment process to enhance customer experience and achieve financial benefits is an undeniable reality. Businesses leveraging the right technologies in managing the payment process are gaining a competitive edge. This article will examine the advantages payment orchestration technologies offer companies in different sectors.

Why Should Businesses Prefer Payment Orchestration Platforms?

As extensively explained in our article “What is Payment Orchestration?”, payment orchestration is a multi-layered product technology that assists online businesses in managing their payment processes. This technology ensures the efficient and even profitable execution of payments on websites and mobile applications using various routing mechanisms.

Why should businesses, a technology rapidly gaining popularity worldwide and attracting the attention of many companies in our country, take advantage of this?

Before discussing the impacts of payment orchestration technologies on businesses in different sectors, let’s summarize the advantages of utilizing payment orchestration tools:

Increases Revenue in the Scope of the Online Payment Process:

Payment orchestration platforms allow for an improved customer experience by facilitating the online payment process and management, leading to higher conversion rates. Additionally, they enable businesses to receive payments even in systemic payment errors and virtual POS interruptions, thanks to a seamless payment experience.

Reduces Costs in the Online Payment Steps:

Payment orchestration platforms optimize the payment process, reducing operational expenses and the amount paid in commission fees by directing payment requests to the method offering the lowest rates.

Provides Ease of Analysis and Optimization for the Online Payment:

Payment orchestration allows businesses to compare payment performances across different periods through various analyses, facilitating the improvement of the payment process and management. It also helps them understand how to enhance areas that need development and increase potential cost savings.

Offers Access to Different Payment Methods:

Another benefit of payment orchestration platforms is giving businesses easy access to various payment service providers.

For example, Craftgate offers merchants the opportunity to work with various payment methods from both domestic and international providers and all bank virtual POS terminals in Turkey. Leading payment players such as Klarna, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Payoneer, Afterpay, and Alipay are among these options. Moreover, Craftgate allows merchants to offer alternative payment methods to their customers. As business requirements change, they can easily add other payment methods to their websites.

Advantages of Payment Orchestration Tools in Different Sectors in the Online Payment Operations

Orchestration platforms assist businesses in simplifying the payment steps, enhancing customer experience, increasing conversion rates, and boosting revenues. Payment orchestration platforms benefit every business that aims to thrive in today’s competitive market. Of course, the advantages they offer vary within different sectors. Let’s examine the impact of payment orchestration tools on payment processes in various industries:

E-Commerce Sector and the Online Payment Process

The online payment operations is a crucial stage that directly affects customer experience and significantly impacts the success of businesses operating in the e-commerce sector. When the payment process of e-commerce businesses aligns with orchestration technologies, it brings forth several advantages:

  • Customer Satisfaction: An easily completed and securely processed online payment process increases customer satisfaction and positively influences the number of repeat customers.
  • Conversion Rates: A well-designed online payment process can result in potential customers staying on the site before completing a purchase. A simple, smooth, and reliable online payment process, especially in the e-commerce sector, increases conversion rates and elevates potential sales.
  • Repeat Sales and Loyalty: The e-commerce sector is highly competitive, with elevated customer expectations. To stand out in the competition, businesses need to design a successful online payment process. With the seamless payment experience offered by orchestration technologies, companies can increase customer loyalty and enhance the likelihood of future repeat purchases.

Considering the online payment process in the e-commerce sector, which operates 24/7, and considering discount periods at various intervals, providing an uninterrupted payment experience without being affected by virtual POS interruptions is crucial for e-commerce websites. Therefore, e-commerce businesses must use the proper orchestration technologies for these reasons.

Online Payment Process in the Retail Sector

Orchestration technologies bring significant advantages to the online payment process in the retail sector, which is one of the crucial subcategories of the e-commerce industry. In addition to the highlighted benefits, such as customer experience, high conversion rates, repeat sales, and loyalty, these technologies provide value-added solutions.

For instance, features like card storage, closed-loop wallets, payment through links and QR codes, alternative payment methods, and the capability to work with international payment methods are distinguishing factors for the retail sector.

These advantages become even more apparent when considering subcategories within the online retail sector, such as clothing, grocery, marketplace, and technology. For example, in online grocery shopping, providing customers with the option to make purchases with meal cards or allowing secure payments with stored cards for clothing orders becomes a preference.

Craftgate member merchants offer solutions such as Card Storage, Closed-Loop Wallet, Marketplace, and Payment by Link and QR Code, providing customers with a seamless payment experience.

For further insights into the payment orchestration experiences of Craftgate member merchants, you can also explore their opinions on the References page.

Online Payment Process in the Insurance Sector

The online payment process in the insurance sector is a procedure where customers make payments online for policy premiums, policy renewal fees, or other insurance services.

Efficiently designed with orchestration technologies, the online payment process provides customers and insurance companies advantages. These can be summarized as follows:

  • Transaction Convenience: Speed and transaction convenience are crucial for a customer who wants to receive policy renewal deadlines and purchase any insurance policy in a limited time. Any interruptions during the online payment process create a negative perception for customers regarding that insurance company. Considering that insurance premiums can sometimes be substantial, the online payment process in the insurance sector is error-free. Issues of this nature can damage the brand perception of insurance companies and potentially lead to loss of revenue. Insurance companies using the right orchestration tools in their infrastructure can offer customers a seamless shopping experience.
  • Security and Privacy: Financial transactions in the insurance sector involve essential and sensitive information. Online payment processes, designed under security protocols, ensure the protection of customer information and eliminate security concerns.
  • Future Strategies: For insurance companies, the online payment process is part of future strategies related to digital transformation and customer focus. Craftgate, therefore, assists its clients in the insurance sector in determining these strategies correctly with its analysis and reporting capabilities.

A digitalized and customer satisfaction-oriented approach helps insurance companies stay competitive and increase customer loyalty. Insurance companies leveraging payment orchestration technologies achieve efficiency in the online payment process while providing customers with ease and speed.

Online Payment Process in the Tourism Sector

Utilizing the right technologies in the online payment process has become a differentiating factor in tourism. The importance of leveraging orchestration technologies in payment processes in the tourism sector can be examined as follows:

  • Competitive Advantage: Providing users who want to purchase the most suitable package after detailed price comparisons with a seamless experience in the payment step is crucial. If users encounter any issues during the payment step, they may turn to another website with a similar price, resulting in potential revenue loss for the company. To overcome this situation, a smoothly operating payment step is necessary. Payment orchestration technologies that make this step seamless are vital for the online payment process in tourism companies.
  • Fast and Instant Transactions: Thanks to payment orchestration technologies, customers can make payments quickly, even with systemic payment errors or virtual POS interruptions.
  • Opportunity for Repeat Business: The shopping experience offered to customers on tourism websites determines whether the customer will choose that website again for their following travel plans. In this regard, a seamless payment step in the tourism sector translates to an opportunity for repeat business.

In conclusion, the online payment process in the tourism sector is among the industries with highly sensitive balances in terms of customer experience. Particularly considering basket volumes, eliminating factors that would cause customers to abandon their baskets is essential. Therefore, businesses tend to leverage orchestration technologies frequently.

Online Payment Process in E-Export

Just like in other sectors, providing customers with an easy, smooth, and uninterrupted payment experience is crucial in the online payment process for e-export.

Moreover, due to the nature of e-export processes, payment orchestrations inherently offer many advantages for businesses in international payment processes.

For instance, Craftgate, a payment orchestration, connects member merchants with leading payment players in their international operations. Member businesses of Craftgate, which can easily access payment institutions such as Klarna, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Payoneer, Afterpay, and Alipay, are successfully entering their targeted markets.

For more detailed information about international payment processes, refer to our “Global Payment Guide for Businesses.”


In the digital world, the online payment process and proper management are significant for every online business, ranging from e-commerce, retail, insurance, and tourism to e-export sectors.

Brands leveraging the right technologies in this process can create a difference financially and in terms of user experience, allowing them to stay competitive. The positive effects of payment orchestration technologies in various sectors indicate a growing trend toward these platforms.

If you would like to learn more about this and strategize the process, you can contact our experienced team here.
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