The amount spent on payment commissions is a significant expense item for businesses that move their operations to the online world or initiate e-commerce processes. As revenue from online sales increases, the importance of receiving payments with the lowest commission virtual POS also grows. So, what does accepting payments with the lowest commission virtual POS mean? When a business has agreements with different virtual POS or payment institutions simultaneously, which one should it process its payments through? This article will discuss the advantages of receiving payments with the lowest commission virtual POS for businesses and how they can direct their payments to these methods.

Receiving Payments with the Lowest Commission Virtual POS

To answer this question, it is beneficial first to understand what virtual POS means and its basic principles. Virtual POS, short for “Point of Sale,” is essentially the online counterpart of physical POS devices.

Used to accept card payments in different areas such as markets, stores, and businesses, virtual POS operates on the same logic as physical POS devices. In summary, virtual POS facilitates the payment process in online transactions.
If you are a business looking to receive online payments, there are various methods you can choose from, both domestically and internationally. To explore these methods, read our article “What are Online Payment Methods?” Remembering the information in our article to receive online payments:

üzerinde "approved" yazan ve fiş çıkaran pos illüstrasyonu
  • Bank virtual POS,
  • Payment service providers (payment institutions),
  • Alternative payment methods,
  • E-money institutions or agreements with payment institutions abroad are possible.

Businesses often keep the question ‘What is the lowest commission rate?’ in mind when it comes to bank virtual POS or payment institutions. In this article, we will use the concept of virtual POS, including payment institutions, for practicality. However, as mentioned in our article, please remember that banks provide virtual POS, and payment or electronic money institutions are systems that include multiple bank virtual POS.

Any business, regardless of its scale that wants to digitize its sales and payments can benefit from virtual POS. However, to obtain a virtual POS, some conditions must be met. The commercial terms of banks and payment institutions are different from each other. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the relevant commercial terms of each organization on their websites or branches.

However, there are some general rules for providing virtual POS. Essential points to pay attention to include supporting website security with an SSL certificate, ensuring the website’s smooth operation, not posing different legal risks such as copyright, and having clear and accurate product information and delivery details.

Furthermore, having company information on the site, open communication channels and compliance with the law are also considered during the application process.

In summary, when choosing a virtual POS suitable for your business, ensure you meet the relevant conditions and have detailed information about commission rates and other commercial terms.

How to Redirect Your Payments to the Most Advantageous Virtual POS?

As businesses grow their revenue and expand their customer base, they need to diversify the methods through which they receive payments. Working with different payment methods is crucial for online businesses to reach a wider audience. Offering other payment options to customers gives businesses a competitive advantage and enables them to benefit from various installment or promotional opportunities.

For businesses with agreements with different banks or payment institutions, integrating all these payment methods separately and managing them from other panels becomes a consideration. Managing all these methods operationally requires additional workforce effort.

In this context, it is advantageous for growing businesses with increasing payment volumes to use a payment gateway infrastructure. One of the advantages of this approach is that it allows the management of all online payment processes from a single point. Payment gateways also assist businesses in reducing their online payment expenses.

Furthermore, businesses can reduce their payment expenses by redirecting incoming payments based on the technological infrastructure provided by their payment gateway.

Advantages of Receiving Payments with the Lowest Commission Virtual POS

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As mentioned above, receiving payments with the lowest commission virtual POS while using different payment methods has a cost-reducing feature for businesses.

For businesses with agreements and technical integrations with different payment methods, it is crucial to determine which virtual POS the payment requests coming to their website or mobile application will go through. Different virtual POS and payment institutions have different commission rates. Considering the frequency of incoming payments, receiving payments with the lowest commission virtual POS or payment institution means reducing the amount businesses pay for commissions.

As a one-stop-shop payment gateway, Craftgate meets all the needs of our member merchants in their online payment processes. Our member merchants can benefit from our integration with domestic and international banks and payment institutions, including 21 different value-added features such as card storage, closed-loop wallet, and fraud management.

In addition, as Craftgate, we help our member merchants reduce their payment expenses through mechanisms that ensure their payments go through the virtual POS or payment institution with the lowest commission.

How do we do it? Through our “Routing” mechanism, we redirect the online payment requests from our member merchants’ websites or mobile applications to the agreed-upon virtual POS or payment institution with the lowest commission. Thus, with our routing mechanism, they can receive payments with the lowest commission virtual POS, gaining a competitive advantage.

You can learn how our merchants, including leading brands and companies in Turkey, have reduced their payment expenses and even boosted their revenues through our Craftgate payment gateway in our video series “Happy Merchants.

For the testimonials of our member merchants about their experiences with the Craftgate payment gateway, you can visit our references page.

Steps to Route Payments to the Virtual POS and Payment Institution with the Lowest Commission

For a business with a growing online payment volume to gain a competitive advantage in its payment processes, it is beneficial to follow these steps:

1. Work with Different Payment Methods

Businesses can benefit from the various campaigns/installment options by working with different banks’ virtual POS and payment institutions. Additionally, they can provide their customers with alternative payment options.

2. Manage All Agreed-upon Payment Methods from a Single Panel

Managing different payment methods from a single point significantly benefits businesses in terms of workforce and time.

3. Redirect Payments to the Virtual POS or Payment Institution with the Lowest Commission

This step can only be taken by businesses that simultaneously work with different payment methods and manage all these payment methods from a single panel, such as the Craftgate payment gateway. Otherwise (when different payment methods are managed from separate panels), online payments must be manually redirected to the virtual POS, which is advantageous in commission rates. This requires additional workforce and time. In the natural flow of life, it is unfortunately not feasible for an employee of a brand to manually redirect an online payment request coming to the company’s website at 2:00 am to the virtual POS or payment institution with the lowest commission. Craftgate, on the other hand, automatically handles all these smart redirects for our member merchants.


Managing different payment methods from a single panel is crucial to receiving online payments with the lowest commission virtual POS or payment institution.

Suppose you are a business that accepts online payments with Craftgate, where you can manage all your online payment processes from a single point. In that case, you can reduce payment expenses and increase revenue.

To reduce the amount you pay for payment commissions, you can explore Smart and Dynamic Payment Routing and our other value-added solutions!

To share our experience and knowledge in the payment systems field, we regularly publish content on the Craftgate Blog.

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